Should You Hire A Staging Company

There is no doubt that hiring a staging company helps in finding a buyer for your house. It makes the process of staging less stressful for you. And since they are “professionals”, you are assured that they know what they are doing. There are many benefits in hiring a professional home stager.

First, they have an eye for what will make your house stand-out from the rest. They can make the perceived value of your house higher.

Statistics has it that houses that were staged sell within 11 days and the final price is 17% above the asking price. Second, they are objective in selecting the things that should stay and should go. They are devoid of any biases or emotional attachments to the things in the house and they only focus on how to sell the house.

Hiring a staging company, however, is costly. Outfitting the house to give it a new look can cost thousands of dollars. If you are selling your house to have money but you need to spend on hiring staging company and buying a lot of things, try to consider staging your house by yourself.

If the costs bother you, there are a lot of staging tips that you can do. One of these is to clean the entire house.

Ask all the members of the family to help you clean all corners of the house. Let the air and sunlight in. They are natural deodorizer. Buy things that are necessary: carpets, pillows, curtains, etc. Hang new pieces of art. Cover the holes and dents on the walls. Re-arrange the furniture.

Staging can be very helpful in selling your house. However, if you also need the money rather than pay it to a staging company, try to do staging by yourself. When it comes down to it, ask your real estate agent for their advice. They know the market and are able to share their advice on what they think will help you market your house best for buyers. If you decide to do staging on your own, I suggest to click here and check out featured listings in the New York Times for inspiration.